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   Whats going on doll, Crigs out on a hovercraft heading away"" O'Yes, thats not a concern for us now, look centre spot there, see the hydrofoil, come on up on deck"     GOLF - to - Hone Comb..

 Mud patched in 25yrs, after take off swam ashore fr111  O1, . news's, after elp notified wayne s ervices who delivered trapper mud fears journey 2, Jane Roamen til now nothing more hydrofoil seen courses to follow must dress now ok n out.GOLFBAAL [,1] [,2]
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Pagus through I fought for it over the years, and knew id be happy buyin tan, id Sent loose the news on a pm link age to wait she soon replied we were to meet in Destiny Inn before long too. As I waited she paged to see if I was in though it hurt i told her in the lounge that evening we were to lay in bed together after the news prolonged. My initial effort was asking her to accept we travel alone from our own point routes accepted or delay. My finding us together by then in our hotelers suite, my idea on travelling had caused this id hid that from her for focus rear. In tale, id break out 3, suit case system 1, to carry the three 1, spare in middle, and 1, clothed. The table stand i loved too was now posted to arrive for my business chest on day 1, set. We'd made an extra date before traveling day just to divulge eachothers package together the night flew pot had recently been made legal in most places id having recovered after maid sick'n head burst food pouch of leaves all dry and crispy for pipe in hid.. no shareing in these times together to many plasters odd sticker id had of been back sooner but loose had uz in horse game as kernel to we'd travelled far and wide to see you I could tell you I had a great time too thats all for now folks packs up after dinner n round 3. Gaga was straight on the phone for rage'n lucy and posted Donetella's party album in the hood. I called her hotshot farmer and she bust out bait it was a hook assembley me and Lucy craved for altogether 4, now.

We begin Rolling over, orange tarmac in a real kingdom known by drivers passengers. The road had began to curve, and widen I had noticed and then though it all became magical in an instant as Steve touched his toe onto the throttle like an Angel and everything entered miracle, nothing else could be seen heard or saw other than this realm this must be cruiseing everyone knows of a, speed didn't seem to happen everything else just disapeared as the car rose over through and across and straight by and past and down and along the road in front and in view of everything and everybody as the stud still, nothing happened and even or mattered Suddenly Stevio in perfect control throws the gear stick forward and struck 3rd gear The car shortened its steps, I re-arranged my view of the situation. And low and behold imiediatley on the left, less than a hundred metres ahead shot out a torso vehical in an attempt to take over the Road, before match. It was to-late the realm had been injected by throttle without plenty of time, for, no-reverse. He saucershiped forward and left us the road still clears Somehow the bend appeared next, to sharp to manouver had we not foreseen this through throttle jockey. Chasen up and around the bend a hidden hill all the vehicals were comeing down and some no almost opposit on, the opposit side one of those was a helicoptership which pertruded its rectangle almost into our rear somehow Steven escaped not even catching the wall which zoomed in on the passenger side we manouvered the bend and managed to raise the hill almost in 2nd gear its coz of the way the car had been drove we managed this something to be seen my mouth understood was wide open draugn shut foh the races All that was left was the hill crest as we crossed over toppleing almost into 1st, gear the crew had layen a lawn a sand pitch we had to veer round almost knocking the dive Smileing somehow the managed not to shave We crossed through and reached over to the path side where supposingly the crust back on to the road however all the pedestrians marched on forwa rd somehow as though not even in thought and nothing else could be seen to them, the horn had to be used this is when we reached the police scene next.
We had parted, In Hastings, and finally, went out to play, Evening. Best'n takeing second place to no-one Meant little to her. I had the cat fierce She'd been in to postpone a journey I didn't quite understand, but getting the new car - there was no-holding uz back. But found it in close proximety to the studio apartement we'd found away into above Ivan Springer a negro passer I despised because he kept trying to steal jogi I had to keep reallying on Bruce Lee who i'd found to bully people with I was Always training with him that way. One evening returning from the coast where we'd spent the whole day on deck chairs in salute Was with extending the walk home i'd found the car parked up off the road with a big for sale sign at a fantastic give away price The student boffin arrived after the phone call ( early cell analog ) foh layd eez secret had taken the fuel pipe off the carbaretor to stop thefts which had then served to wash the engine prior to the sale A beautifull Vauxhall Cavalier GL style 1.6. Fully kitted out for The Driver with nothing obvious So what started with a Happy Sale escalated, Elavated. daily. which honestly was - really helpfull An added bonus & a big suprise, could of been a big help as well in the event of failiure Honestly there wasn't much chance of that car failing or letting the driver down and his passenger STAGE 1, On The Road..Next...
The Police right house The wind had forcast leaves A hail in the sky a night metre storm way up in heaven watching it with the new tv channel set up in style brings out eez jelly And forced to search the car forra I had it hidden just out of his race, or it would of been curtains like thud been tryin tuh do eachday and night since the spotted wuh in highway over gull. Not findin it e did off for once e left ez producer like a sir charge mink In the role a called round in a day or two or three, with intent to pay I had me slippers on and he thought it fit to chase with lolly he struck the windscreen when he couldn't get in angry. Focused I raced away laughing Sue in seat we sped round the world to here Laughed out thehs loads of plausable laughs that gas even you. I see the Dr tomorrow too, if there's a moral to this speech, its do not let the parking tickets start when you're rolling or yeh dead. And even with insurance it's dangerous because they crash into you if theh beaten and claim you're the fault right. This tale lacks humour because though they are pulling you in it's to rude to partisapate and it's all about they rule when We do. yuh ok. The want tuh spoil all yeh fun, because they're not haveing any, then the method of disaplin is odd for funeral.
ArtRave had been allowed, it struck Lucy, she signaled in smoke as Gaga took a message it miled and Gold fell out a tree. this is mine I remarked. Hand it over she said loudly, but its mine lucy, she wouldn't listen and smiled I had to give it over before the next flight - Lady Gaga seen fit to opperate a service in an island recluse forms had been sent and like tits we accepted too. How did it begin you imagine - I'da job in Whitley, garage work and took clare home with out jean yhwhd imagine clare didn't mind uz seein tuh jean and thats the way it stayed this time. hell what a bitch so sorry clare's Anyway in this life time goes by by when coz of becomeing the dealer i could rap up workin hardy. next years go by again n jeans errond ran a muck on the day shed met sue and betty who was a old friend i had to attend, she shows n im in shes off to holland next day and needs dealer coz of jean stayin out i seeded And plans me next holland baals up in sues street weed agreed coarse i gets there one day early and needin bed crazy mary had moved in behind me back and we got stuck and left jean furious for years, then seein suzzanne in spain when out coz by then id been playing guitar in bars in holland once i found out i could coz of old deals in britain there sue had returned coz i found a chair in this gagas sweet who stole uz and wrapped uz up there till they wah gon then a sees Lucy tightas maid
it turned black then it was Mary coming back with Sue who'd brought a LSD pellet I was just pleased to see a it was always like that and showed a Lucy jogi was in and was excited too and launched at a new slipper i couldn't spare time to see his arse and left her to real about then she tackled an sore arm as he ran to look out the new windows as cryers portrait a big hole in arm this was a dream i had i had to tell a and clares gobbeling eddy to after weds and peter she seen beforey dieds on a then i looked to east over this island job blustered poets sank nose wills 3 for bullet after me and lucy took to planning coz of a focus the plane was on after strip'n smile we load our computer games together for whitehouse to see after rose i wigged in ten suit luce looked well
There was a beach at hand I took her hand, She'd seen Sue on my facebook and wondered if she'd fit.We reached Spain in no-time, thats where she lives I told her as we whispered a gap appeared in a cloud I held it out She'd seen birthday cakes n candles and all in the sky of Tulip City where I taught her the lip service some time back The Next 4, Darlings... The E_Stream followed our broadcast a big series no sharp notes all played by ear and our task lay In weight it was to single out the sheets she'd left them in a knot lastnight Only thing is we'd been invited over to supper by the Chinese on the otherside. I slipped the little line so she had time to change useing her phone like I did she explained that And then the main stairs where her prayers could be heard even in empty rooms Step 1 and 2 won only the bucket holding the rain tindered I filled the pipe with her hash and she bragged untill it hit her I was there soon we got to knock on the Chinese expecting alsorts I had enough time to flash the doorman who offered assistance on entrance and everything came to life I was at Enter the Dragon dress rehearsal and could only smile in the fuss slowly I took lucy and charms from her couldn't of been understood better if she had had a practice n plan somewhere wanting to prowess adventures I used magic as it were and drank out a while passed the excitement of E_Stream scene news rang over other waves and feelings showed exploration into food land next
Braven it I shook the island quater offices pole and jencine accending in rage volumes orders a disk sail and records the locks and stays before the allie sail force flew inhandleing vessels was their dream and they assured us and her they were the best adepts in course in control and available for life with extremes irregularities and host nation applications for rumours mat occur. she said yes before a gaga floppy call and even straightened a known program for a history review after, suddenly jen came in and dashed oover, hush, she sez lucey, whats this Loleta Well jen i'd stared after surface run and flew to moor here in gordie lies knowing of a tale i was apprending and ventured 1st, northwards in view there the skislope and moors hen i'd been deliberate in heading to this facebook chat i'd found in library hour face this fearsome challenge where i could be here no. ok, only first there was a tearfull softy i'd observed the previous trenders above in headmere and rolls of notes flooded fingers stevie there reminded me it was a software package been left over Denise Denise who's she lucey asks and we stole more drinks . In table.
in me new japanese car id forked out a few sheets in front seat and dracula would die if e seen uz approach within a few yards of herk bruce lee had left a message well several id found a page to mark a few up in hollow stream round by the golf course where we'd pick some mushrooms for next door settle in back in the car mann i could complain but who'd hear in this shelter city. So I eventually decided to sit in the view I picked un-laidened plus cast a forcast to real assembleys on and on we drove like niggers down a cloud at last I foh lo came inbetween the sheets i had plastered up above in ranks This day and age cars can carry people I thought about it and lost a repair token easy car I held it in drive nothing left but razors id ran on rank 2 just to see you bleedin car The car was in the family this was old popular with poppy eye 2 id veered into view quite by chance it happened a naked goal i slitthered by things had picked up insults reversed eds who tank past in gods range rover cars stirs in sum chemistry effort forgetting a little wage packet I see to Car seen uz into me new home and we attended a picnic together I was allowed out forcen show off the silly pay 2 Now everyones settled av been robbed blind playin them all tittle yetam rubber city shoot hold 3 in awkward at tail the reef follower who pad never existed till then what a rope reborer
Arounder Lucy felt cool and decided to chase stevie up in the window clad in clothes off market was where she picked to say hello there and in she went expecting to feel strange over his last ventures and title full of heros and making gods of one thing and another would he recall or be exactly like the boys she knew of at schools Stevie dazed in shock says hello back she was so beautifull and didn't need a straight reply to take away attached she went a head into our golden book of rhymes etc where it had been forecast her returns in spells and enchantments which all led a to this seat in pink over in the n ext face In no time aboard on for island i had luces seat which made my eyes water forra tuh smile which she hid with twitch i pushed on in view only the window tuh see and her all clad like him ( the pilot ) fed take off over halo i was in there was a little bag i had to use lucy threw it across making me raise my game over her voice in ear and view continued till i was sick fed through a pants were like horse rides we'd had before i knew a There was lots to do on the plane in a video settion for a while i chose drama n tide while lucy chose to view or hear knoledge was important before kick off as we see the landing site on the mainland stretch near bay holder we zoomed into shudder risk an overnight stay ahead of a teas that had been prepared here we had travelled light because of Gagas bags in promise me and luce had a little nibble too as we landed and rode out along gangway and the port we found this bar
Suprise and aw tremour excellent beers and the idea miss shapes finding out by means time we took a wander along to the harbor in wait a loverly vessel to be ridden over our little task was getting hold of cargo and it was easy The opener in chords lego bust in alley fillet the shop id used brains here an hoyed in a branch in too as the dawn rose Lucy needed specks which i fiddled by buying her the full rack and spindle assembly with spares to she'd decided to manage the shop to when we got over island through it to this made precedures and aloud night to happen i could see gaga going forrit in crew course after several days and night ties we took to high roll

we were set to train only the surface sank news in un-denieing quintess's. Liquid flows through the jells impertenent rules nolonger egzist I reminded tim who silenced expectant feed through finger his little jellies verses set a ego a shine
The Trainin Frame using sage and parsley blue colours, in throws around silk, Moods lifted a slot machine has a ringing tone he remembered. Nerce Hears, spoke up, which signaled. And Alec Beauty, outside too was it, yes, it was Captain Blooze. Moods took out the RWorldOffice squad officers draws a key to the wall safe. Moods lifted the trainin frame off the safe face. The BLOOZE Manual was inside. He left it in revealed for Captain Blooze to see. THE SAFE Mandle ( the Office Parrot ) high over Moods' shoulders on rack could see the Pink Cover. And Alec Beauty recording. 1, The Blue it. 2, The Bullet. 3, These all make sense. In came Blooze, his 8 loader freeing ideas rallied and serviced the home run. Pages Indexs next Dr Moods, pasted a brush phone in 3D Lard, and generous Santason mate. Chord Johnson, ( it was Mandle ) arriving, Moods quickend and struck Mandles hood, and tossed in 2, more pellets. waiting for the next stage coach fan. Moods required the Blooze Manual view. into batvision are we. Checking the page. dreadfull leaves. Dr Moods sunk into phase, hour by hour elapsing he reads on.
Bruce Lee, a bear and a snake, the snake and the crane, the Boston crab,the eagle claw, styles, fish, and many hunters, lots of foxs', spiders make the plane, and poetry to add if you feel good enough 2, the lullfull paws,figuring some shortened steps, the walking goose, A transmittion ( zen ) tiger, bushido, transmissions, iching,points, study, students, the river is long,the river is short looking, will it be advantageous to cross to the other side, the delay, figure casting a shadow, the wave of the seas may be coming in, yet the tide is going out, opportunity, the archer, dancing steps, commissioned, won chan san, wan chan sun, wan chan san, won chan sun.
the red roller Down in the rocky promenades of our Northern Seas, at a point used by the locals, and trekkies in dog walks that view as they walk, take challenges, we see, we find a strong radio signal in sight, reaching along to Tynemouth villers. With a view to discover as we explore on our travels each week now amid its history of cove life. The community ventures to stir in since then a park theme even sits and mules that ride people home. Observers now in the tech realms see the RWorldOffice chemistry idea to folks aid and will pin point points of interest soon we hope best areas and student roams along beach head to. Occultists of the city many say exist in local youth to may explore the sea and they can now even tell the day date of adventures in firm belief she will see a gay surprise. now the days are easier at sea with the beaches ready combed and curdled in a delight of its gifts that seem strange till they're understood by you using their tech assembly they're gaining here and now strays of the unknown in ideas I give them so you can play like us to. The strange facts assembly may show even at lengths in graphs using charts to whip up courage in their dreams of search results in mayhem world we're we'd live with you right after further reading on strangies ports and angle men make challenges in office fits and cloak wardrobe . google can be used and has a fine docs driven by them you can use to acell in these matters of hurts, they'll allow you to develop your crust of Ear th at risk to her hurts and emails to scrapton university here excite us like you I develop in texts like plural, you read though in articles to follow you'll see more of her wardrobe venture luring at places in pint alley and size. This being well written at home for you to see as you travel by, now and then. We h ope the well movie services increase your pleasures here to. Also well movie manor in vogue panics you to star a modern flicks flight of no remorses numerous skills show little spells of ef fort to. The RWorldoffice professor is me I hope you see that by now kernaler. In the Scrapton Universes here at university level for geeks and the like traffic cold will open Avenue slot in time peter a bit through our ride you like that I know to its no holiday these times for you to see is it nike o'mine. the search engine will follow has clues in binary that keep you well ahead with traffic plumit down to the beach now see our radio birth in control again. strole
Attaching ROCKS Making it to bay I chose a Rock to Sea. Then with Flickr I begin the glory Everythings packed in this little square breaking through the timeline we begin her pittys there it is slowly manifesting shall we begin The BOOK. scene Chapter when I arrived there was crows everywhere I took them in to quarters 'n sqwiggle the moon rises enough times for views so I'm waiting in BEACH you should see it calm
The SuperCraft ...1st, Scene.
Back door open, a most glorious day and hour I'd rehearsed for this occassion in mind sketches No Shock - at half the size of a foot its appeal stood still airbourne in my room, 3, feet inside the open door. Again I waited a few moments then rose picked it using hand clasp to feel its energy cut off. Then without thought to study even placed it safely on the mat, and removed a chair till I moved it in closer. Parked, on the rug in open terrain I sat back on the odd chair here then as asssumed it grew large enough to store, which it did, I watched just two items. then, it shrinks back to toy car size. I quickly dress and take it outside to the van as prior decided and drive off to vacant area for safe enlarging my eagerness was well rewarded with patience..,

Blooze t'day The..Graizing pitch.. weed1,


BellinHill mafia road

old swinger finds ez rail beg in for mercy at 1st, stop durundndurund on him by the black coke for askin ez heat n message." Killer "
the blooze manual ( Captain Blooze ) 1. the bluit.see page 2, - 18.
= Routey - 1, " big man " DURUNDDUNADRUND
2," whats that "
2. < strong>the bullet

.Routey by .3, excuse me _happens 3

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Nerce Hears Webisode 1

Nerce hears a white BMW being drove down lane with no-brakepedal working and throws a band of school children across the roadway, with handbrake in use the driver doesn't swerve, but careers around a play the party.

the Missing Knight - webisode 1

Mrs Knight, had been hidden for a while. the school caretaker, was heard entering the corridor She herself was due to be on the M 1 cos the Driver was to reach ServiceStation now. Like Kaikekeeper ( off Japsquad ) she got behind one of the kids coats - she was busy checking out pockets in a routine check off canvas. The cloakrooms were'nt that bright and he trod by and left her leapout alive. She'd stole a pass key to avoid school, but didn't expect him, heh, it could of been suspenders for her or lengthy legs tomb eachday anoarl. pt1 1

Webisode 1, LeeAnnes Big Sister
Way fin inn was lonely till she arrived inn mussels caught a look heavy and this was a big sister at work takeing a beer or two the poundstretchers castration raged in the backround of hot old lewi the taylorfeet wiffin all the old guys fartin regular was her jail peace and now trending was her death sentence teacher

. LeeAnnesBigSister 1. Lee Annes Big Sister stirs her crazy.../LATES/BIN/NEWS/NEWS webisode 1,LeeAnnes Big Sister LeeAnnes Big Sister blue and left Aunty t' slap my face go this made a gnarl furthermore the sendout eron spakshoots had gather at theh famous corner and even Mrs Knight forgot to go
The dry attempt catching the big sister awake with log tongue grew t today forecast. LeeAnne had discovered how to focus while she had been away and a new mrs Brians forced a Moon Lee dream which shot her out past goal was a dream
Webisode 1, LeeAnnes BigSister LeeAnnes BigSister had to read before LeeAnne froze she'd started pattern 'n knobs and took to callecting, phones ect.Easily displayed by her leer now. Maskin frame was her main boil and boots took care of the BigSisters allie needing more bent over was a young pal who took glances she says and that

Webisode 1,
Princess Fairs webisoda Princess Fair came in with a Blackberry, it was enough to chew shuh left happy. Happier now she threw up LeeAnne. Thats a BIGSISTER out she thinks, Auntie runs out before LeeAnne caught Aa The conspiracy un-ravels, the left LeeAnne with no game to party. A BigSister had to repare. JokeingLee Sue lets go fun piracey and more in the next adventure Webisode 2, t'morrow Evans had kicked round the streets for long enough it took Struggsy to pull him through. All he achieved was sale with nurses at either side I said lets go. Can he hear? Webisode 1, MRs Knight by night Mrs Knight had flown by to see sweety, the bugger of the devil tivvet noticed by an Alien led her t' panic seeing Stevie Go happy she made a signal he let out a cross section of jungle gossip which shrank Aliens nerve t' nervous system She needed to note and Stevie posted sevral when he got round home t' buggers. buying burger next night he made it clear he had to see her as she swade past hepulled at Aa she, marvelled by his behaivior takes him away. Where too next week. . Rebs were big things. One posted > Corkers., > Taylormaidfeet TRIBUTE > n'cover.Doubt.