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The Awakening


Time Capsule: week draw.




The BOARD series. .SUN TODAY

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Structural Example


Old rule flows in the pitch

  1. Rolls.
  2. Paint to.
    • Lesson;
    • Waiting
  3. Thinking.

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Some people never learn




THE BARBARIAN OKconan Packages bibs

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the wino papers


  1. Slightly rolled.
  2. Paint to match.
    • Lesson; Always the Same
    • Poeticly
  3. Thinking. HARDBSL2

Spending time together[ More Sentence ] GRAMMY GRABBERS. Note that the < as always > end tag has been omitted. KEPT

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2. ...canteen_office: :Hair do Scales
jealous Jane

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  2. ...canteen_Office : :Desksales

Warning: 0006000 Be ready as usual[ Pioneers] bold instructions.


my boat1,​my boat​ How to Carve Wood

How to Carve Wood


 How to Carve Wood

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...REFUSE ROOM...Dr Moods..Office

...ID - Important...SQL20

...Refural Centres...Rudder



 3, Serge Nubret transcends light 2, Boyer Coe's unique bicep shot ( croutched ) 1, Tom Platz on leg extensions.. rapid. Arniepops In

 2, Larry Scot on later in the back cave Franko enlists Rocky and mike menzor appears to deceive franky zane the 1st, but after a cool bat dave johns reforms young sergio the 2nd, eventually robbie the 2nd, hammers bill pearl more on mussle beach in the times of big bertie fox 1. sorry old go in 1, cheated dumbbell curls, strict upright rowing * improving the cheats ( important to twist most regions experiment more ) dumbbell biceps prime target enlarging the area[L ( OO )Ks ] free go with the ab section for once, sly'n real look at the lst, area under section 1,point abs, twists, bonus's, prime target., shoulder area - read through several times first, shoulders** larger longer bicep greater tricep region sprouting lat show major ab review to follow next week print. rapids 3-4,5 times quicker than the past even on curls-less weight 1, ( several warm up technicks or trys each time reviewing the case. Resting settion bent arm pullovers sets of 20-25, lengthy loose pack. bar maybe/.


.+)-2.. 1, (Tricep extensions later)   1st, tricep presses  now we're on the deadlifts still in shoulder region or pecs ties deading it out to decide.. nice settion cable crunches usual style. steady up, what we need now a rolling hanging punch ball, a punch bag to,  treat get steady, lengthy  routines 1 over. ( middle section to weight ).Dips scene dumb bell shrugs, dumbell curls , ,half lateral raises.

  bent over rowing bar various angles test  dumbell toughs. calf raises at last..,



expect side lateral raises/, early news A: :beers no a spectacular rise by mike katz for the dury to see pec shots

close grip, tricep pushdowns,elbows locked to cage ( front shoulder reigen ) pec tie in bicep puller)). same upright rowing, various cheat curls dumbbell angle poses

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The contents of18 the memory location are shown in the lower right corner above.19 ↑
The graph shows the contents of the memory location20 over the last 10 seconds.   


Note how the use of a memory location to store the last sensor22 value converts events (the interrupts) to23 state. Unlike the interrupts, which happen and24 then are gone, the memory location keeps its contents between25 the updates and can be queried for the current temperature at26 any time. (Well, not the current temperature actually.27 It's the temperature that was current at the time of the last28 update. This means that all state c reated from events is29 inherently stale. But that's fine –30 room temperatures usually don't change that fast that making31 a decision based on a 3-second-old temperature reading is a32 problem.)


It's easy to reverse the conversion: the state of the memory34 location can be converted to events simply by raising an event35 each time it changes from one value to another. The resulting36 events can then be u sed to recr eate exactly the same state37 again, i.e., the con version is loss-less i n both directions.38

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