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Have left post; Captain.. On island

chase island times

The Basement, .Mermaid
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word sped round that the infinity stones were in waynes possession the hawkers never returned after sea adventure dispite rumours and mines had set in no time to spare the old man of the sea lefties tales which meant clare was knackered even without maurice. we switch to tynemouth no harbour turks head turkey to see the den of thieves thicken in at it like fred i says befriended in tune the dog shot past big rob y'bully hell of a reeve tossed about then jed kelly pushed in over batch lew . ice, let things lay y'b'lone hawker
Then the system swung in out of the blue and caught them outer thors path this isn't the end we caught that a violent storm handling it a steamer shows and swindle the hawkers somehow make it on board.
A day passes by then g'ene reveals to everybody they're on board a fine ship. There was a strange guy sitting about after a while she chose to call him trog 2, and they became friendly for a while his tales where funny he'd just taken the voyage he said and once in harbour was going to start a new life

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Located Valley, Have kept Balloon ( am training in it )  stronghold


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Pattern             Solution                                                    

Pair Programming    Add reflective articulation, subliminal Process Check,      
Episode             pattern propagation, search space pruning and general good  
                    will to the Programming Episode.                            

Pair Programming    Arrange the furniture.  Adjust the fonts.  Stretch the      
Facilities          cables.  Use a private office with an open door and two     
                    chairs. Abandon authorship/ownership.     




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monitor project			FRAMEWORK
Crisis Programming  Assemble a possibly larger than necessary Work Group.  Let  
Episode             members drop off as a solution becomes clear.