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It was 1999 i'd began playing britney spears records in the bars jukebox in an effort to reach appeal and it did uz a lot of good but god help sue they didn't like it however I needed to know what it was their sairs. Sue got bleaten no way around it which wasn't cool but I'd studied the size of the audience and needed fryed. Nobody wondered about britney it was lonely but gaga broke a feet. sue would be eager to tell you all about the date she's quick but not as quick as me I saw gwen stefeni here and brit to thats more like those times then although I like gweny styles and it shows on at least one of my tunes britney had hidden power but its back. A,




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I took the interview being left school. And, had to face Phil's idiocy soon after arranging panic with wild anticks all frilly with sentences overtime fully convinced I almost blew it. I let him go on in despair though, we had it tuff together, he followed dogmatic like in hopes and dreams to. Back to the night fights n everything no more bossy just boots bed ware and braise yehself baby.
Work slowly took over the role and I soon found out I was to be married, yes I was. I liked that life, always things going on just getting through the apprenticeship meanwhile I dont know not much tales, just dusty old go.
So as soon as the daughters (2) were old enough she made it plain that meant, answer. And I did. She saved them for this darky she knew to Prince of the rape pale and Pete. So you see your muddle! If you don't I'll risk deeper

  COT3 and deeper then one day I found Madonna singing my song, not that it matters by then it was 1986 you know ( checks her ) fiddle its Gaga Queen of our worlds even Star On the LINER now I signed Crig to cover the scene,. He's a tale he first stars in The Sub which is yet to be seen, then Mud Gloves involves him further where he rents some land and settles on it for life with his crew where his story takes off. The Liner is currently in motion on some channel we know Baker is on board and several stars have showed Captain Crig is leading on the poll with viewers stickers and ain't likely to take backstage he's on course for now the departure out of the lagoon is about all read. Who's at the captains table tonight, baker like all the passengers has a laptop in cabin and Crigs files are on the local network area in easy access. \docs\dining\requests .../Madonna he slams it shut. He heads for the ballroom the widows in corridor 2, baker whats going down now she says., nothing why,, have you seen Crigs requests to then, not yet e says well he's got Beyoncé knowles and a lil daughter a seat . no yes, and madonna to the Stage never fell down over Brit and baker intent on having another listen to from talks with the widows challengers little more than kids seeking time about n stuffs wind got up then came a big suprise Lucy was on board to . Lucy again brushing up as I thought it through it was a long time back I promised her Earth Roses whatever, you name it. She was at the bar already dashing and well mannered with a vibe out stretched a legs showed first i'd never seen them at all understanding she flung the full view Then struck by words and lip structures I began to reason while I listened Steve god Yoko Ono's just been here chatting to Lady Gaga and now you've arrived isle drive I was buttoned for the first stage like i'd rehearsed things before hand She carried the chalking fits of laughter and screwing heads we then sat over the arm chairs in the afternoon room and carried on making things up time finished third she didn't run and knew the way no I wasn't there thats not my business till nine thats the appointment over hair do's you know girls facing it I coldly hung a notice before I hit the jibe I wasn't flat out when this chick spoke to uz imiediatly I found myself right Shannon Lee of all people noticed my BLT well al be buggered she said thats all it took I said I knew your dad she said I can tell I wasn't about to hang there for Lucy had made me promise to her i'd give her some browser history at nine. Baker thats exactly what I want to and I took her cabin number till tomorrow at 10: ok thats a date don't be swade now no no 10. Somehow I found Lucy's suite Right off big the drinks cabnet held one no two spanish Rosé bottles ice bacardi breezers 4 - 6 tonics and other odds n ends come on baker she says well I got it out and found the deck cams before long and watched over the drones fill. In Crigs book ASDA were in as.the crow. with an automated receiver I looked into checked boxs and sealed it back together. Well everyone had a great time and promised to return next yesr in liner 2
"Aa'v got to repair you", "y'can't". "a, can". weight COJ4 av got to put the rubbish out for monday.. .. so a says to dicky, when are they ever going to get it. e: sez, 'i don't know! "I'm not looking". "here its in this roll of film"."now how about a nice bruce tea" "already" "yes", "now listen here, I've radioed for a hydrofoil to meet the boat at medium sea soon, I'm going to M'co to see the finals i'll take you along as a special guest when you're ready now". "when will we be back" "before you know it".(" - The PARALLEL TIMES - ")


PAD\ 45, days... Chuhdualle school was now closed down. The girls were off to summer see Ester in the Vale up north and packed into platform 1 hurrying each little speech together in and out of shops Sids main hope was watching the train station cam for ciggeret smokers to raise alarm on mike if he saw any, when the train pulled away he noticed a girl had been left somehow, he stuck on a note for sid to see a raced off before he got there by the time sid got in he was left to view cam showing empty platform 1's area L'ANA explained Sid understood shook his head slowly revealing that was the only train out of the station till monday. She ran to the phone box. Sid watched the whole time, a frightfully long and dramatic phone call,, Sid waited then she sprang from the box sort of gasping too. telling him to that uncle would arrive by tuesday, but then thinking straight she says saturday for her to make a rendervue at skyfield with the school. calling gloves a uncle he'd arrive on time full of plans. Sid had been lead on terribly by then and could only watch her leaves its a fine romance that leads us to the wellmoviemanor where mud opens a bording school lets land to the navy and makes music over the hill. mud turns business mad and around that time ( the parallel times ) history begins its opening chords and choruses.. the 1st, voyage - BRG1Stages overlap the integer base springs free well after time on top of the tray its lewi I lets it out.

The wedding shit - after finding out pictures arrived all over, everywhere needless to say there's views to. First we see the new manor bride arrived home everything tidied up square, there are a few shots to help make it out if you find one be sure to post a sequel so we can see to you, after all. Seeing the us marshall about though shes caught barbie looks rose rest is her likely stop javan has the borders to the company girls are there to escort norma nice who stays there now we're not to sure if the manor slave is free yet and are depending greatly to on dbe. we know once the base sorts several out more collums will show support in event which is running a serial on inventory is in demand by kids once the line is on hill and unravelling towers on top pathe the way before the post poster general I'm happy here but am seeking news to spread so will be around in some other points swallow this the bride arrived like a spring gush the compillation and study are still using varying forms the story will unfold I'm sure . AEL3People catching on in assumptions regaurd the days a slow drift with little to say or study over we shall see, new on the adds infact on our printed picture here we share an efferge which can display a text in formats there's news also on the heart where the billet is has found a toy affair which is growing pictures to. Before klos had a memory serge using red box daily who knows we'll wait for pictures more news and the other gossips til then klo'd PDCed army unit at the cove peninsula caught the storeman there who next then promised to have red box 2 sent up to satisfy her whim. She'd really got the hang of it and needed another she explained next so to copy droids,  and modules, content, and some containers that where in also to include new items being contrived.AEJ7